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The messages that say nothing

It is wonderful that several tens of thousands of people in Bulgaria want to become mayors. Social media are racing long before the campaign is open to show pretty pictures of licked and freshly coiffed handsome men and women, as ... »

Is it the advisers or the ministers?

Oh..., times are complicated. A minister (in this case of tourism) shoots off to visit the remnants of the unprecedented floods around Tsarevo, taking heroic photos amidst the devastation with clean, white boots on which the tourist "logo" of Bulgaria ... »

Promises by the dozen

We are looking forward to the next elections, right now, in a month, to see who will manage our towns and villages. Super contested, the election campaigns have already started way before the announced date, but in the world of ... »

The morning after the success

I know a lot of people who forget where they started from as soon as they make some more money. Others forget what they have studied and get blinded by their new avocation. The third option is the most popular ... »

Let's start from Schengen

It is not at all true that after Bulgaria's accession to the European Union in 2007, you see, "we no longer have goals". We do! And how! And in the future, at least for the foreseeable future, we always will. ... »

Pieces of the theatre

Inexplicable things happen in Bulgaria. If somehow in politics, and even in the business environment, we are used to surprises, the least we could expect is that actors, directors would publicly, even very publicly, grab each other by the scruff ... »

The man who knows everything

You get in the taxi and the guy who must watch the signs, the crosswalks and the traffic lights explain to you everything about politics, culture, and life. He does it with a tone of last resort. Even a timid ... »

Talking to the TV

Strange, but it is an undeniable fact. I have travelled almost all over the world, probably even several times, but I have never, anywhere, met people who talk to TVs. What we otherwise observe in Bulgaria all the time and ... »

Let's take a look at the windows though

Good story. A family moves into a new home. On the first morning, the wife looks out the window and tells her husband to look at the neighbors spreading dirty laundry. In other words, she is outraged. The next morning, ... »

... And a little self-confidence

In business, ethics have always been important. Nowadays, it's a hundred times more important. The new generation, for which under the road and over the road the managers squeal and hoot, is wonderful. Young people with super educations, several languages ... »

The Brand. The most important brand

What is a "brand"?. The easiest definition is by my good friend and without a doubt the world's most famous living PR guru Paul Holmes: a brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. We ... »

Who raises the bar?

Everyone has their own "role model" - a role model, idol, whatever you want to call it, or in short: someone they want to be like. For some it is a "macho" with huge muscles and a martial arts champion, ... »

One hundred pillars and more then

There is a discussion in our society. Finally! And it is whether we should have a children's hospital or a high pillar with a flag on top. Naturally - incomparable things. Anyone can make a pillar with a flag on ... »

...And a little self-confidence

In the business, we're focused on profits like never before. The post-pandemic and a whole host of other factors and events have changed the world beyond recognition, made us more pragmatic and less creative. This is probably normal, but since ... »

The Story About the Door

There is no such story in the literature. Or at least I haven't heard it. But in business, especially now, in Bulgaria, we should start writing it. And so - after thirty years of verbal battles and parliamentary torture, we ... »