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I was on TV!

That is, in short, the election campaign on Bulgarian politicians' social media - to our great regret and disappointment. It consists of two components. The first is a mandatory photo with happy voters on the street, in the field, or ... »

Why hurry…

I have no idea why we are all in a constant rush. In the morning, when we go to work, at noon, when we try to find some time for ourselves, and in the evening when we can't wait to ... »

Four words of responsibility

"Will not vote!"- three simple words that I am starting to hear more often, and this should concern us. All of us! Let's accept that they are part of reality, democracy, and the freedom to express opinions or actions. So ... »

Multiple identities…

There's a piece of great absurdity in Bulgarian electoral legislation, which, after nearly 35 years of Bulgaria wandering through the mazes of democracy, is now time to be resolved. And that, of course, is the possibility for a candidate in ... »

Keep it modest, please...

Snap elections have been routine in Bulgaria in recent years, and with this year's upcoming elections, our politicians suddenly transformed again. As if within minutes, they became sweet, kind, promising… and somehow more modern and prouder. Shortly, the glossy, photoshopped ... »

Easy money? Come on!

They say easy money is easy to spend. However, when we talk about it casually over coffee or in serious meetings, as people in business, we don't recognize that concept. People like me never heard about easy money and never ... »

PR and the little charms...

The phone rang, and there was no way for me to know that this call would be strange. But it was exactly that. "I saw your website online, and I understand that you work in PR - Good, good..." ... »

Lack of professionals? Millennials are here…

Mhm… We are all hearing this daily – there aren’t enough people on the market, young people don’t want to work, a spoiled generation is coming … Stop! How can there not be enough people when there are plenty? Call ... »

And the streets are empty...

For years, even decades now, in Bulgaria and in many other countries around the world, there have always been two types of elections: the first - held at the ballot stations, and the second - when the people go to ... »

Lingerie isn't sexy...

It has become a trend in global politics – everyone is showing their 'lingerie,' recordings, personal conversations, accusations, compromising materials are being released... And we, the voters, watch. And each day, things are getting worse, and the reason is ... »


Everyone knows what this is - a typical Bulgarian dish where everything is so mixed up that it's hard to distinguish the peppers from the tomatoes or the eggs from the cheese. You can even make mish-mash from various things ... »

Too Virtual, Not Enough Real...

Our inboxes fill up daily with unnecessary emails, which in the minds of their senders should be congratulations, and we should celebrate endlessly. But the 8th of March, Easter, Christmas, New Year, flowers, champagne, kisses, you name it... And, of ... »

Fake News...Really?

We don't need fake news or, in the outdated Bulgarian language - false news. Or, more precisely - I even would like them to be false. We are listening to real news - not from anywhere these days, but from ... »

Rather "broken" line...

It has become modern for politicians to communicate through the media, primarily through social media. This trend highlights how antisocial politicians have become. One beautiful word undoubtedly holds positive connotations in all languages – "negotiation." However, it seems that ... »

The Voice of Bulgaria...

In the (non) coalition, the battle over who will possess the foreign ministry begins. But this time, the fight isn’t about who will appoint ambassadors or travel at state expense in business class around the world; instead, everyone from left ... »