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Plan A: Conservative-Socialist Cabinet

October 05, 2014

GERB won by a lot of ballots, while the BSP lost by a lot. Six more parties are running neck and neck with leaders and this is now showing the most surprising Bulgarian elections in 25 years are providing a ... »

Seven Reasons to Observe TV7 Carefully

September 28, 2014

It is hardly needed to say it, but I'll start with the most real truth in modern societies - freedom of the media is the mother of all freedoms in democracy. Admittedly, and especially in Bulgaria, everybody understand this freedom ... »

Tsvetan Vasilev and the Voice of Business

September 17, 2014

I don't know what it means to "surrender" without having been in hiding, but the past 24 hours have created this precedent as well. For two weeks it has been openly said that the banker Tsvetan is in neighboring Serbia, ... »

Tusk and Mogherini – Good Lesson To Be Learned

August 31, 2014

Poland’s Donald Tusk is the new EU Council President and Italy’s Federica Mogherini is the new foreign policy chief of an increasingly variegated but still united Europe. Just a few months ago, this reshuffle seemed impossible. This new team means ... »

Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar: Ice Bucket Challenge Has Made Us Better

August 26, 2014

Maxim Behar’s idea to introduce a Bulgarian tone to the Ice Bucket Challenge has drawn an unexpectedly wide response, the leading Bulgarian PR expert has said for 24 hours daily. The founder and CEO of Sofia-based PR agency M3 Communications ... »

Maxim Behar has decided to bring a Bulgarian tone to the Ice Bucket Challenge by deciding to direct donations towards the suffering people of the flood-hit town of Mizia.

Maxim Behar Joins Ice Bucket Challenge to Help Flood-Stricken Mizia

August 20, 2014

Maxim Behar, founder and CEO of Sofia-based PR agency M3 Communications Group Inc.,part of global Hill+Knowlton Strategies Group, on Wednesday joined the Ice Bucket Challenge. Bringing a Bulgarian tone to the international initiative, rather than taking a dousing with ... »

M3 Communications Group Wins Prizes For Best PR Agency In Europe

August 14, 2014

Bulgaria's PR agency M3 Communications Group Inc., part of Global PR leader Hill+Knowlton Strategies Group, got two prizes at the international business Stevie Awards. The agency got the prize “Best PR Agency In Europe” and the prize “Best Event Presenting ... »

A Caretaker Government Is Not Needed at All

August 11, 2014

  We have seen many times this circus which is being played out during the entire week and it only shows one thing - there is no need of a caretaker government in Bulgaria. That is why this part of ... »

A Broad-Minded Bulgarian Government

August 05, 2014

You have certainly noticed how many times President Rosen Plevneliev used the phrase “a broad-minded person” referring to almost every member of his caretaker government. I don’t know whether this is good or not that good for a cabinet minister. ... »

Varna, Bulgaria, Europe

June 20, 2014

What happened and is still happening in Varna, I mean the floodwaters, can happen in any part of the world. The exchange of cynical statements and mutual accusations, however, is something which does not happen in Europe, however proud we ... »

Private wars and State Prosecution. Or Vice Versa

June 18, 2014

The Bulgarian banking system, usually given as an example of stability, is being subjected in the last days to an unprecedented and - I would say - unexpected ordeal. Death threats, upon "orders" by a person of authority and influence, ... »

It all began in Warsaw

June 03, 2014

We in Bulgaria know November 10th (1989), and keep repeating it, though the real date is June 4th. The date marks the first (semi) democratic elections in Poland as well as the massacre on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Perhaps never before ... »

Maxim Behar, Martina and Steven dressed in Bulgarian costumes, carrying Bulgarian flags, at the 2014 Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria

Bulgarian Folk Costumes Worn in 2014 Seychelles International Carnival

May 05, 2014

Bulgarian folk costumes were worn for the first time in the 2014 Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria. PR expert Maxim Behar, Honorary Consul of Republic of Seychelles to Bulgaria, and two Seychelles children wore Bulgarian folk costumes during a parade before a crowd of ... »

‘Novinite’ Honored Prestigious Award at Davos Forum

March 13, 2014

Bulgaria’s “Novinite” news agency received the “Media of the Future” Award of the World Communications Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The award is given out every year to successful projects from all around the world, nominated and selected by the organizers, based on their independent ... »