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Bulgaria Will Never Be The Same

Terror doesn't have two faces, or any more than that. It has one face only – the face of death, horror, tragedy. To that, I would add pointlessness. Absolute pointlessness. It is hard to understand how some people are able ... »

Maxim Behar: Bulgaria Could Become Investors' Paradise

It is high time for the state and the business sector to wake up and to start working together so that Bulgaria gains worldwide popularity as a top business destination, Maxim Behar, a prominent Bulgarian media and public relations expert, ... »

Bulgarian Expert Maxim Behar: PR at 5 to 12

PR is a weird profession. First, it is super creative; second, it is very responsible; third, it is totally misunderstood. PR is the most ethical and honest profession possible. If you buy a kilo of rotten apples on the market and figure ... »