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Maxim Behar moderated First Davos Online Communication Summit

Maxim Behar moderated the First Online Communications Summit organized by the World Communication Forum Association n Davos, Switzerland. Maxim is the current President of the Association of the World Communication Forum and in his role as such was a speaker ... »

Maxim Behar Meets the New Ambassador of Novinite Group

Maxim Behar met the famous Bulgarian actor, part of the team of the Oscar-winning "Green Book" movie - Dimitar Marinov. The meeting took place in the office of the leading PR agency M3 Communications Group, whose CEO is Maxim, and ... »

Maxim Behar on Online Forum of BBLF about Leadership

Maxim Behar participated in the BBLF online forum entitled "Leaders facing a crisis". Maxim has been part of the BBLF board for many years and is its former chairman. The discussion,  led by Maxim Behar from the BBLF Board, ... »

From Journalism to PR with Maxim Behar

Sources: Interview for the podcast "Who is who" with host Petya Zungorlieva on BNR   Petya Zungorlieva: - Hello, the "Who is who" program is starting. Today we will make an exciting walk through the life of one of the ... »

The Transparency of Social Media in the PR Business

Sources: Interview for The Holmes Report (PRovoke podcast) with host Maja Pawinska Sims The Echo Chamber brought to you by the Holmes Report and produced by the international podcast specialist Markettiers. Sponsored by the Bulleit Group, putting you in tomorrow’s ... »