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A Caretaker Government Is Not Needed at All

  We have seen many times this circus which is being played out during the entire week and it only shows one thing - there is no need of a caretaker government in Bulgaria. That is why this part of ... »

A Broad-Minded Bulgarian Government

You have certainly noticed how many times President Rosen Plevneliev used the phrase “a broad-minded person” referring to almost every member of his caretaker government. I don’t know whether this is good or not that good for a cabinet minister. ... »

Varna, Bulgaria, Europe

What happened and is still happening in Varna, I mean the floodwaters, can happen in any part of the world. The exchange of cynical statements and mutual accusations, however, is something which does not happen in Europe, however proud we ... »

Private wars and State Prosecution. Or Vice Versa

The Bulgarian banking system, usually given as an example of stability, is being subjected in the last days to an unprecedented and - I would say - unexpected ordeal. Death threats, upon "orders" by a person of authority and influence, ... »

It all began in Warsaw

We in Bulgaria know November 10th (1989), and keep repeating it, though the real date is June 4th. The date marks the first (semi) democratic elections in Poland as well as the massacre on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Perhaps never before ... »

‘Novinite’ Honored Prestigious Award at Davos Forum

Bulgaria’s “Novinite” news agency received the “Media of the Future” Award of the World Communications Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The award is given out every year to successful projects from all around the world, nominated and selected by the organizers, based on their independent ... »

PR expert Maxim Behar gives a presentation at World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland. - See more at:

Maxim Behar in Davos: А PR Guy Never Grows Old!

Bulgaria's PR expert Maxim Behar gave an exclusive presentation called 'Real life-story shared: 'А PR guy never grows old!'' at the World Communication Forum in Davos. "Life is so dynamic that if you decide to avoid the news feed and stop caring ... »

Maxim Behar has been a Treasurer of ICCO for the past 3 years. Now he will replace Jean-Leopold Schuybroek, long term PR professional from Belgium and one of the founders of ICCO. - See more at:

Bulgarian Maxim Behar Elected ICCO Vice President

Maxim Behar, globally recognized PR expert, CEO of leading Bulgarian PR consultancy M3 Communications Group, inc. and Hill+Knowlton Strategies Chairman for Czech Republic, has been elected ICCO Vice President at the recent Board meeting in Paris. The announcement was made ... »

Maxim Behar: Social Media Turned PR Business Upside Down

Leaders Magazine Maxim Behar is a dreamer and visionary for a better, more dynamic world and also a practitioner. He likes chatting, networking, serious business projects, social media, rock music, gadgets and traveling. He was born in Bulgaria, but he ... »

Bulgaria’s ‘Generation F’ leads protests against corruption

Bulgaria's 'Generation F' Leads Protests against Corruption

Financial Times They come every morning at about 8am, knots of demonstrators outside Bulgaria’s parliament building, for a “protest coffee” as parliamentarians arrive for work. Then every evening, after 6pm as Sofia’s offices close, they come again, in their tens ... »