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Prince Charles - Ten Seconds at St. James's Palace

Maxim Behar’s second story in the series " Priceless Lessons" for BusinessGlobal magazine, tells a story from the end of 2002, at St. James's Palace in London, where he was welcomed by Prince Charles.In the series, the PR expert ... »

The genus Behar in "Genus" on BNT 1

28.11.2020А movie about Behars, their roots and emotional family stories, and about the long way from the small town Bejar in Spain to Shumen in Bulgaria in 1492. Maxim Behar reveals exciting stories and messages from his family, ... »

Maxim Behar Among PRCA MENA Regional Award Judges 2021

Maxim Behar will be one of the judges of PRCA MENA Regional Awards 2021, honouring the year’s most effective and creative digital PR and communications campaigns, individuals, and teams across The Middle East and North Africa.The leading PR expert ... »

Maxim Behar for BG ON AIR on the topic "COVID infodemia"

Maxim Behar was a guest on the "Bulgaria Sutrin" show on Bulgaria ON AIR hosted by Zlatimir Yochev and the social anthropologist Haralan Alexandrov. The PR expert commented on the lack of information and accurate communication about the COVID pandemic ... »

Maxim Behar: "The future depends on people who do business"

17.11.2020 Maxim Behar discusses with Krum Savov the changes in communications and business, caused by COVID-19. Behar shares his opinion on current issues such as non-transparent and one-way communication of the people in power, and the need of ... »

Maxim Behar on Bulgaria 24 - The US Presidential Election

06.11.2020 Maxim Behar commented on the US presidential election, the falsification of votes, international relations, as well as the US foreign policy for NT Bulgaria 24, in the show "Boiling Point" with Svetoslava Rudolf.Host: Mr. Behar, what ... »