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The 5 Myths About Bulgarian Employer Branding

In the whole jungle of opinions, exclamations, hating, positive opinions and heated debates whether good business can be done in Bulgaria five myths tend to stand out more clearly. And they are not only to be found on social media ... »

Maxim Behar supports the Manifesto Against Hate Speech

The diplomat and leading PR expert Maxim Behar, without any doubts, is among the socially responsible people, who always and immediately react against any social injustice and indications of processes which threaten rights and freedoms of all citizens in Bulgaria ... »

Maxim Behar announced on social media his new PR book

The worldwide leading PR expert and diplomat Maxim Behar announced through the social media today his new book “The Global PR Revolution” which reveals how thought leaders succeed in the transformed world of PR nowadays. It is considered by Paul ... »

Maxim Behar in the Bulgarian Business Almanac 2019

The leading PR expert and CEO of the best PR agency in Bulgaria M3 Communications Group Inc., Maxim Behar, attended the gala ceremony dedicated to the 5th edition of the Annual Business Almanac bringing together the successfully solved cases in ... »

11 Most Important Global Trends in PR for 2019

The beginning of 2019 is time for new inspiration and successful PR projects as well as the right moment for revaluation when it comes to PR. My sincere wish is to share with thousands of followers worldwide the 11 most ... »

Little Book for The Big PR

Years of experience and knowledge passed… PR evolved so much and so much was written for it. I and my amazing team at M3 Communications Group, Inc. evolved so much indeed also. We met the needs of our clients, empowered ... »

Маxim Behar talking for Bulgaria and Schengen on Nova TV

The Bulgarian diplomat and PR Expert Maxim Behar participated in the “Plus-Minus” show on Nova TV, providing his opinion that there is no reason for the postponed membership of Bulgaria in the Schengen zone. Bulgaria has been a member of ... »

Happy Max Day party in M3 for Maxim Behar's birthday

The PR expert and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles  Maxim Behar celebrated his birthday this Monday. December 10, 2018, was one of the happiest days of the year for him. There were the hundreds of calls, emails, ... »

Maxim Behar speaking at the PR Forum in Bishkek

The Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar was one of the online speakers of the PR Forum of Central Asia, which was held from December 8 to December 9, 2018, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The event was dedicated to the specifications and ... »