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But in the hardest way...

Eureka! In 2023 in Bulgaria, doctors can now issue prescriptions through mobile phones. Really - what an invention... We've landed Elon Musk's beloved Tesla on Mars, artificial intelligence is almost running our lives every day, and we're only now reaching ... »

Just like home!

I found out recently that for the second year now some super professionals can't lay a hundred yellow pave pieces right in front of parliament. They twist them and pound them – it's all the same mess. If you walk ... »

In the picture: Lou Tice and Maxim Behar, Seattle, 2011

Lou Tice, who taught the world how to speak better

  I landed in Seattle after a very long flight, a small van is waiting to take me directly to… the airport again to board Lou Tice’s private jet… I have done a short research about him in advance and ... »

First day, second day...

I am talking at length with a close friend and colleague of mine in Delhi, and we are telling each about our problems and worries in these turbulent days for the world. Suddenly he blurts out to me that his ... »

The bill we will all eventually pay...

  For businesses, this is important; for the consumer or participant in this market as a buyer, it is twice as important. But let me start all over again. And the beginning was on the dramatic night of December 31, ... »

And why not with fingerprints?!

I was just wondering why so many staring faces are looking at us from the hundreds of billboards on the streets and I understand that on Sunday we will vote. Not bad. For the fifth time in the last two ... »

The freedom on the crossroad

If we think a little deeper, it may turn out that in Bulgaria, nowadays the only guaranteed freedom of the citizen, and of the villager, is exactly on the crossroad. In the office, the boss controls whether and how you ... »

Don't forget it at home...

The streets are full of miserable people... Something must have happened. Just a few years ago, thousands of smiling young people, full of energy and desire to succeed, met on Vitoshka Street and the main streets outside Sofia. Today, the ... »

For The People

Bulgaria is already in an endless spiral of elections, this will probably continue for a few more years and more and more often we hear the words... "The People". A badly coiffed auntie from the screen explains to us how ... »

Lawns or something else...

This joke is quite old, but it's time to remember it - how a government official did not follow the law because he was "lawn mowers" and not for him... Old and not even funny! But it really is time ... »

About the frog and the pond...

I have no idea where this saying actually came from. Every frog had to know its pond or no one should speak up where it was none of their business. Or else, a bit more updated - to sit staring ... »

90 % Bulgarian

For years I have shared the thesis that the Bulgarians always lack three things - a thousand BGN on top of salary, a room in the apartment and one more day to finish work. I am not strong in history, ... »