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Who raises the bar?

Everyone has their own "role model" - a role model, idol, whatever you want to call it, or in short: someone they want to be like. For some it is a "macho" with huge muscles and a martial arts champion, ... »

One hundred pillars and more then

There is a discussion in our society. Finally! And it is whether we should have a children's hospital or a high pillar with a flag on top. Naturally - incomparable things. Anyone can make a pillar with a flag on ... »

Maxim Behar presented his new book to Euronews TV

Host: My next guest is one of the most well-known PR experts in the country and is an Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria. Just a few days ago his sixth book, which is full of ... »

In the picture: Maxim Behar and Nancy Gibbs, Harvard Kennedy School, 2019

When Donald Trump called to scold me...

- In American politics, you can meet anything... But really. Even people like Donald Trump. In the winter of 2019, the "unconventional" President Trump is in his element so while talking to Nancy Gibbs I don't even look at my ... »