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The “Two and two hundred” …

Well, that's clear. After 33 years of painful transition, change and replacement of values, acrobatic political variations, in the end the truth shined - in Bulgaria we really know how to survive with both “two” and “two hundred”. In other ... »

In the photo: Maxim Behar and Mikhail Gorbachev, Sofia, Sheraton Hotel, May 2002

Gorby's Grip…

No one in the world, not even the best Soviet experts, expected a politician who would change the world in just a few days. ... It was a little bit after midnight. I was already falling asleep after a glass or ... »

The winners and the whiners

It so happened that we divided ourselves into exactly these two categories. And there are no others. This is the not so sad truth about our modern life. The successful ones are standing in their offices, and now more and ... »

The University for Ministers…

I am more than convinced that the generation in power must be totally changed. In politics, there must be new people, with new ideas, with an absolutely new approach and no "memory" of the decades of vulgar language, insults, aggression, ... »

Care-taking, Forever

We are already sick of caretaker governments. You walk along “Vitoshka” Street in Sofia and every second person you meet turns out to be a former minister. And sometimes a present one. But that's not the drama. Long live the ... »

Don't Touch the State Property!

I was just starting my business a long (but not that long) time ago, and I had only a small Trabant car, my last purchase from the Socialism times after a long and careful saving. I was slowly gaining momentum ... »

To the Events…

But not only my business, Public Relations, but also as if our clients were waiting for the "covid" to hide itself, so that we can start seeing partners, clients and friends again. The printers started churning out business cards again ... »

The Smartest in the Room…

So... "If you're the smartest person in the room, then this isn't your room." Probably tens of thousands of people can claim to be the source of these words, but more importantly, at least ten million apply this rule. ... »

Small Details for Big Business

Not a day goes by that some friend from Austria, or Germany, or France, or from somewhere else, brags to me that the country has granted them several thousand Euros to help their business in these difficult times. Well, no ... »

Green, Greener…

We live in a "green" euphoria without much of an understanding what it is all about. We are overwhelmed with screens, newspapers and social media with carbon, solar and all sorts of other terms. Convictions pass through our ears – ... »

"Dream Area". Right?

Governor Bob Miller is a very calm and level-headed gentleman. He governed the state of Nevada at the time and was one of the main factors, as he often said, in turning it from a desert into a vast garden ... »

Europe, We've Been Waiting for You!

We really had a goal since the years before all the crises. Some said: "We are going to Europe", but I opposed them saying “It is not true, we are going back to Europe”. Whatever the vocabulary, it happened, and ... »

The First Seven

We know well how to count them. We say that our children are mature for life (especially if they are already on Tik Tok) right at this age. But even later, if someone messes up, we immediately conclude that the ... »