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Pieces of the theatre

Inexplicable things happen in Bulgaria. If somehow in politics, and even in the business environment, we are used to surprises, the least we could expect is that actors, directors would publicly, even very publicly, grab each other by the scruff ... »

The man who knows everything

You get in the taxi and the guy who must watch the signs, the crosswalks and the traffic lights explain to you everything about politics, culture, and life. He does it with a tone of last resort. Even a timid ... »

Talking to the TV

Strange, but it is an undeniable fact. I have travelled almost all over the world, probably even several times, but I have never, anywhere, met people who talk to TVs. What we otherwise observe in Bulgaria all the time and ... »

One of us shares...

Maxim Behar, 28 years old with 30 years of experience, I live in Sofia, in Prague, in airports, I sleep in planes, I watch all my movies there lately... I love to dream and make dreams come true - mine ... »

Let's take a look at the windows though

Good story. A family moves into a new home. On the first morning, the wife looks out the window and tells her husband to look at the neighbors spreading dirty laundry. In other words, she is outraged. The next morning, ... »

Maxim Behar for the program "Small Stories" on BNT 1 TV

Host: Hello, "Small Stories" is starting. The show that looks at life through your personal stories. Sometimes our destiny seems absolutely predetermined, sometimes a chance encounter, a person, or a place can completely change it. A place you weren't born ... »

... And a little self-confidence

In business, ethics have always been important. Nowadays, it's a hundred times more important. The new generation, for which under the road and over the road the managers squeal and hoot, is wonderful. Young people with super educations, several languages ... »

The Brand. The most important brand

What is a "brand"?. The easiest definition is by my good friend and without a doubt the world's most famous living PR guru Paul Holmes: a brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. We ... »