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To have and not to have

In this over-commercialized world, possessions have gained the status of a cult. To earn, to buy, to live better, to save for rainy days and even for white days. I can't judge whether this is good or not. At the ... »

The party of the pragmatists

Sometimes we are a pretty crazy, to put it mildly, society. Leftist politicians clamoring for a conservative free market call themselves right-wing ones. And in all this fuss we forget that ideologies died long ago and have been replaced by ... »

The Great Free Market

Subsidy turns out to be the key word for the market in Bulgaria. Whether it comes from the municipality, the state or EU funds is now irrelevant. People I know, and you know, no longer lift a finger to do ... »

Come on, natural intelligence first, please!

The world is crazy about artificial intelligence. In every second business conversation, customers and suppliers explain to me how they can do their job just like that, quickly, with just a few lines in the field of another software and ... »

To the mayor, whoever he is...

Because now the whole Bulgaria will rush to elect a mayor, so I thought that there should be a few universal requirements. Wherever the mayor in question is. Naturally - first he should go to work at least two days ... »

The change we need for everyone

We live in a very different time from all the different times we have lived in before. And it's not just the pandemic, the recession and the new younger generation that are causing this change. Rather, it is the new ... »

Do it yourself!

A huge part of business in Bulgaria is - as I often say, without knowing if there is such a word in our language - self-made. And this is quite logical. In the early 1990s there was nowhere and no ... »