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Bill, who didn't always watch from the sidelines...

It was almost midnight, we were finishing our dinner in a small restaurant near the ring road, very fashionable at that time, in the end of the 90s in Sofia, when good restaurants were no more than the fingers of ... »

Priority, explained simply...

I just landed from London, where in recent years each of us flies with low-cost companies and when we want to have a little more luggage on the plane, and not to wait in lines, we pay for the so-called ... »

Ask the boss...!

"- Boss, what are we doing now...? The client is waiting for a decision!" A conversation that can be heard every day in literally millions of offices around the world. Right there, millions of managers are making hundreds of ... »

“A big ego..." they say

"They had a big ego" is often said of someone, and it usually means something very bad. So, this person can't be trusted, they are too busy with themselves, they can’t be managers or build teams, sometimes you can’t stand ... »

Maxim Behar: What will be the television of the future

Host: Television has a long history behind it. The shift from black and white to colored, the replacement of huge receivers with the flat screen, satellite broadcasting with thousands of TV channels. But so far, the players in traditional TV ... »

The trend of not coming to an interview

If we're reading these lines in ten years from now, we probably won't believe it happened. I've been talking to friends in the business for the past few weeks and we've come to the same conclusion - there are no ... »

About those seven million things…

“If each of us fixes one thing, we are still close to seven million, all things in the country will be fixed". The phrase is not mine, but my friend Solomon Passy's. Of course, he's right, but now in this ... »

Maxim Behar: Ethics, Ethics, Ethics.

October 12-13th, Dubai will be the global capital of Public Relations. From my understanding, and according to my vision and my definition, his is telling the truth in a way people understand it. So, there are two important things – ... »