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Why don't you fight like “normal people” ...

In the Bulgarian parliament we have been witnessing terrible scenes for years, the kind that none of us would allow even at home, not to mention that we would not use such phrases to our bitterest enemies. We have chosen ... »

Maxim Behar and Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, Boyana Residence, September 1995

Hola Felipe, Hola European Bulgaria...

Felipe is a legend from several points of view. Apart from his name sounding rather solemnly and his hairstyle, styling, and everything else suggesting something revolutionary and the start of important changes, all his actions taking over post-Francoist Spain and ... »

Maxim Behar on the TV Show "The Cherry on The Cake"

Maxim Behar, PR expert, diplomat, and journalist, took part in the famous cooking TV Show "The Cherry on The Cake" on NOVA TV. The Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria cooked genuine Seychellois food and stole ... »

Maxim Behar spoke for the Beijing International Brand Week

Maxim Behar, President of the World Communications Forum Association and CEO of M3 Communications Group Inc., expressed his best wishes for the Beijing International Brand Week in his video speech. He noted that before promoting cities, the country should be ... »

Talk to the TVs, please!

I have claimed for a long time that Bulgaria is the only country where people actively talk to their TVs. I have no idea why, maybe it's because comments from home were dominant and mandatory under the communism, even before ... »