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...And a little self-confidence

In the business, we're focused on profits like never before. The post-pandemic and a whole host of other factors and events have changed the world beyond recognition, made us more pragmatic and less creative. This is probably normal, but since ... »

The Story About the Door

There is no such story in the literature. Or at least I haven't heard it. But in business, especially now, in Bulgaria, we should start writing it. And so - after thirty years of verbal battles and parliamentary torture, we ... »

Strikers and defenders

There is a bit of romance and imagery in every football rhetoric and that is why I often compare this whole political mess in Bulgaria, and not only, with a big playground. As much as politicians would like to be ... »

The last public photograph of Francis Ingham (right), with Maxim Behar and Lord Black of Brentwood, House of Lords, London, November 2022

Francis, who always did the hard things easily...

  I was sitting with Francis Ingham at the elite Bucks Club in London recently, just in the foyer having a cocktail before dinner, when a stylish waiter in a white jacket, gloves, and bow tie came in, turned to ... »

Three letter difference

Georgi Gospodinov receiving the great Bookers award in London all of that happens with only 30 letters in our alphabet, and this caused universal euphoria. I thought of two other letters from our alphabet who literally work wonders. Culture and ... »

Who runs the business?

The chaos in Bulgarian politics, and the huge "army" of amateurs, both in parliament and in the rapidly changing governments, leave the feeling that the economy can be managed with directives. Not a month goes by - and whoops, a ... »