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Divided. And how!

Our society is totally divided, and this is evident even to the most disinterested amateurs. One of the reasons, of course, is everyone's access to social media and their ability to furiously dislike having to necessarily have a different opinion. ... »

The messages that say nothing

It is wonderful that several tens of thousands of people in Bulgaria want to become mayors. Social media are racing long before the campaign is open to show pretty pictures of licked and freshly coiffed handsome men and women, as ... »

Is it the advisers or the ministers?

Oh..., times are complicated. A minister (in this case of tourism) shoots off to visit the remnants of the unprecedented floods around Tsarevo, taking heroic photos amidst the devastation with clean, white boots on which the tourist "logo" of Bulgaria ... »

Promises by the dozen

We are looking forward to the next elections, right now, in a month, to see who will manage our towns and villages. Super contested, the election campaigns have already started way before the announced date, but in the world of ... »

Text to the photo: Maxim Behar and Prince Michael of Kent, Sofia, May 2023

Prince Michael of Kent, still curious about Bulgaria

I hadn't heard of him. It was obviously my mistake. He appeared out of nowhere in all his dignity, with no fuss, no security, or luxury cars, not even honors or royal business cards. Modest and befitting his titles, an ... »

The morning after the success

I know a lot of people who forget where they started from as soon as they make some more money. Others forget what they have studied and get blinded by their new avocation. The third option is the most popular ... »

The Cherry on the Cake

Voice-over: Tonight, the Seychelles are docking at the “The cherry on the cake". Radina Dumanyan: In Bulgaria there is no specialized shop for Seychelles products, I'm almost sure about that. Voice-over:  There will be "chicken milk” and heart of palm. ... »

Let's start from Schengen

It is not at all true that after Bulgaria's accession to the European Union in 2007, you see, "we no longer have goals". We do! And how! And in the future, at least for the foreseeable future, we always will. ... »