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PR, Not Propaganda

Since before the advent of social media, PR has also been accused of being involved in corporate or political propaganda. The term “PR” has sometimes been equated with propaganda and manipulation of the public. Yet, actual professional PR was never ... »

How the Pandemic Changes Have Affected Business.

  Home from the Office. Or off to Starbucks Within just a few days, the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic have been numerous. I need to have the pretense of being an actual historian to safely allege that the ... »

Traditional Media: From Endangered To Extinct

The perception of PR agencies as editorial teams in the years of the social media revolution is all the more relevant given that traditional media are no longer just an endangered species but are going extinct. In 1999, in an interview with ... »

Rather "broken" line...

It has become modern for politicians to communicate through the media, primarily through social media. This trend highlights how antisocial politicians have become. One beautiful word undoubtedly holds positive connotations in all languages – "negotiation." However, it seems that ... »

The Voice of Bulgaria...

In the (non) coalition, the battle over who will possess the foreign ministry begins. But this time, the fight isn’t about who will appoint ambassadors or travel at state expense in business class around the world; instead, everyone from left ... »

What Are the PR Leaders Reading?

I read constantly and extensively. I focus on short articles or posts daily, both early in the morning and late at night. However, I try to read between the lines and step into the shoes of the person who wrote ... »

Is Schengen A Mirage?

According to Wikipedia, Schengen is a "wine village in Luxembourg" with 1527 inhabitants. However, according to the Bulgarian interpretation, this is the first major goal and dream after our country entered the European Union in 2007 because, in the end, ... »

Who do you think you are…?!

"Who do you think you are to tell me…?!” I don't know if this phrase exists in another language, but in Bulgaria, it is not an expression of pride or self-confidence but rather a complete misunderstanding of the word "ego. ... »

Revolutions in PR, Evolution in Mind Changings

A couple of years ago, at one of the Davos Communications Forums, the title of my presentation was “PR Man Never Grows Old…”. Today, I would do the same presentation with absolutely the exact wording. Because the speed of change ... »