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Maxim Behar: There is no winner, we all lost

One word: shame What - I hope - all Bulgarians saw on Wednesday evening at the so-called debate, can be characterized by only one word - shame. For the politicians, for their consultants, for their supporters, advisers, headquarters... but shame ... »

A table for more than two…

It so happened that in Bulgaria during the first ten years after the fall of communism, we had learned that almost like in America or England - we will be ruled by either the left or the right party. They ... »

Maxim Behar on Elizabeth II: A Life Devoted to Duty

Host: We are lucky because you have both seen King Charles III live and have personal impressions. But to begin with, how will you remember Queen Elizabeth II? Maxim: A very sad day for the whole world and once again ... »

Maxim Behar on the life of Elizabeth II

Host: Mariana Hill and Maxim Behar are now in the studio to look back at the years of Queen Elizabeth, while also looking to the future of the monarchy now in the hands of King Charles III. Let's start with ... »

Cold, colder…

Autumn is coming, and before that - as you well know - it was summer. What comes after autumn, you know even better. And because we are already informed about everything and at any time, we know that in Germany, ... »

Come on! Were they inexperienced…

Now, many people attribute the title for being…inexperienced. Politicians, beginners in business, even those who want to go into science. Some of them arrive with degrees from Harvard, from Stanford, from Oxford... then they moan and groan in offices and ... »

Maxim Behar Pays Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria, Mr. Maxim Behar, formally conveyed his sympathy through the signing the condolence book at the British Embassy in Sofia. In ... »