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Three letter difference

Georgi Gospodinov receiving the great Bookers award in London all of that happens with only 30 letters in our alphabet, and this caused universal euphoria. I thought of two other letters from our alphabet who literally work wonders. Culture and ... »

Who runs the business?

The chaos in Bulgarian politics, and the huge "army" of amateurs, both in parliament and in the rapidly changing governments, leave the feeling that the economy can be managed with directives. Not a month goes by - and whoops, a ... »

Cameras everywhere. Nothing else!

For years we have been getting horrific news of accidents caused by - mainly - young people who kill other young with speeds and then shed tears and regret. Every day, even literally every hour. And immediately the explanations and ... »

Maxim Behar from the Travellers Club

Maxim Behar is an internationally recognized PR expert, entrepreneur, writer. Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria. His M3 Communications Group, Inc. is a partner of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, the world's leading PR company. A tireless traveler and ... »

Don't shoot the PR, politicians can do that much!

At the core of a loss or victory in elections is what the politicians themselves are able to say. Another election passed with the usual emotions and among the losers began the shooting of the guilty. In Bulgarian tradition, these ... »

Yes, but...

In the rush of this crazy time of incredible changes, we somehow got used to not listening the person we are talking to but knowing in advance what to answer. We interrupt, don't listen, we are ready with the answer ... »

The new “masks”

We often go back to those unforgettable, but also unusual, even terrible days when we were on lock down in our houses and apartments, and hid masks in our pockets. Now, from the distance of just under a year, it ... »

But in the hardest way...

Eureka! In 2023 in Bulgaria, doctors can now issue prescriptions through mobile phones. Really - what an invention... We've landed Elon Musk's beloved Tesla on Mars, artificial intelligence is almost running our lives every day, and we're only now reaching ... »