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90 % Bulgarian

For years I have shared the thesis that the Bulgarians always lack three things - a thousand BGN on top of salary, a room in the apartment and one more day to finish work. I am not strong in history, ... »

Now, if I were in Bulgaria...

I'm standing neatly at a crossroad abroad waiting for the light to turn green to cross and I hear a voice next to me in the familiar Bulgarian language. I see this picture all over the world. And you - ... »

Temporary, how temporary?!

Well, temporary governments in Bulgaria have become permanent. It is more than clear that the very institution of so-called caretaker governments is completely redundant. Ministers, deputy ministers, administration... They have no ending! But it's not a problem at all, I ... »

Are we cousins?

Some still remember how a former prime minister used to say quite openly and a bit arrogantly that we were all cousins in Bulgaria. Or in other words, we are such a small country that no matter who you appoint, ... »

Ticket to Space

How much is a ticket to space now? There is no answer to this question. And there can't be. But more and more often I hear people around me wanting to escape to... Space. They grumble from morning till night, ... »

One king and two barons...

“But do you know how two barons have had an extraordinary influence on the development of Bulgaria... Both, I can proudly say, did it with Belgian investments... Both of them bear the prestigious title of "baron"!” If an ambassador, or ... »

Ah, these media!

Great worries, great troubles! Politicians overflowing with insults and arrogance from the tribune of the Parliament and then we all read, listen to and witness how all the blame is being put on the media. Well, honestly there are two ... »

Left and Right

Often the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I don't know what that's called in medicine, there's probably a term for it. But in politics they certainly call it "government". One minister is giving countless ... »

Maxim Behar had a meeting with the Ambassador of Kosovo in Sofia

Maxim Behar, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles, had a very exciting and interesting meeting with the Ambassador of Kosovo in Sofia - H.E. Delfin Pllana. In a friendly atmosphere, they successfully discussed their visions for future development ... »

10 times 45 and more...

We often talk about these 45 years and it doesn’t matter what it is that we are complaining about, it keeps coming up in our conversations... Communism this, communism that... But it’s a fact – what these times have done ... »

The “brat’ched” who changed Bulgaria forever…

-Brat’ched (Bulgarian slang for “cousin”), this city will be shining brightly once we celebrate the opening. I will make you proud, you will see… Sofia’s mayor, then Boyko Borissov, was looking at me rather stunned and in his eyes, I ... »