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Satisfied or not?

Sometimes, we are too dissatisfied, often justifiably so, because we always expect more—from life, politicians, technology, and even our bosses. And thank God for that because otherwise, we would sink into the swamp of mediocrity and be content with what ... »

Maxim Behar: Whatever you do, do it to be happy

Host(Iskren Konstantinov): Good day, Mr. Behar! Maxim Behar: Good day! Host: Thank you very much for taking the time to join us. The topic I want to discuss is extremely important. It is "the foundation of communication." Since you ... »

Let's debate!

For some reason, no one likes to debate or argue before and after elections in Bulgaria. TV studios present us with some faceless "political scientists" (I use quotes because, to this day, there is no clear explanation of what these ... »

On the way to a modern political system

Democracy, in its current structure, is not the best thing ever invented. It's easy to stick to Winston Churchill's saying, "It is what it is," and believe politics cannot develop further. If we quote any of the greatest politicians ... »

I was on TV!

That is, in short, the election campaign on Bulgarian politicians' social media - to our great regret and disappointment. It consists of two components. The first is a mandatory photo with happy voters on the street, in the field, or ... »

Why hurry…

I have no idea why we are all in a constant rush. In the morning, when we go to work, at noon, when we try to find some time for ourselves, and in the evening when we can't wait to ... »