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The Two Wars and us in The Middle.

I'm not sure how many of you realize, but we've been caught between two wars for months. And we don't know which one is scarier. No, I don't mean the one in Ukraine, but the other one – in the ... »

Lack of professionals? Millennials are here…

Mhm… We are all hearing this daily – there aren’t enough people on the market, young people don’t want to work, a spoiled generation is coming … Stop! How can there not be enough people when there are plenty? Call ... »

PR’s First True Revolution

Is there something else in the history of the PR industry that could be deemed comparable to the current revolution caused by social media? Absolutely not. Today’s revolution is the first true revolution in the PR business since its inception. ... »

Maxim Behar Elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of UNWE

Maxim Behar, globally renowned PR professional and CEO of the leading international PR company M3 Communications Group, Inc., was elected Chairman of the new Board of Trustees of UNWE (University of National and World Economy in Sofia) during its first ... »

And the streets are empty...

For years, even decades now, in Bulgaria and in many other countries around the world, there have always been two types of elections: the first - held at the ballot stations, and the second - when the people go to ... »

What benefits does M3 Communications Group offer?

Maxim Behar, the company's founder, interview for Economy. bg       What social benefits are included in the company's package? Practically all possible ones - additional health insurance, sports cards, etc. Of course, this is important, but it is ... »

Lingerie isn't sexy...

It has become a trend in global politics – everyone is showing their 'lingerie,' recordings, personal conversations, accusations, compromising materials are being released... And we, the voters, watch. And each day, things are getting worse, and the reason is ... »

Maxim Behar Will Speak at The Bulgarian Forum in Berlin.

Maxim Behar, CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc., will speak at one of the most exciting career forums—"Career and Life—Why Bulgaria?"  on April 13, 2024, in Berlin. Making its second appearance in Germany, the forum will connect Bulgarians living in ... »