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To Win the Award "Best PR Professional in Europe”

Sources: Interview for the broadcast "Europe in the Morning" with host Neda Vasileva on Television Europe   Neda Vasileva: 9 minutes past 9 on Saturday, May 23, "Europe in the Morning" continues. My next guest is well known to all ... »

PRWeek Аnnounced Maxim Behar Best PR Professional in Europe

Maxim Behar was announced "Best PR Professional in Europe" at this year's official ceremony of PR Week Global Awards 2020, live broadcast from London. The winners were judged by world-renowned public communications professionals.   Maxim is a PR expert with ... »

What’s New about “The Global PR Revolution” on BNT1

Sources: Interview of Anna Angelova for the broadcast “Culture BG” on BNT1   Anna Angelova: Maxim Behar who will present his latest book “The Global PR Revolution” is already here. Good morning and welcome!   Maxim Behar: Good morning and ... »

Maxim Behar: Fake News Must be Criminalized

*Sources: Interview for the PR manager of Enthusiast Publishing House - Siana Kolibarova.   The Host: Hi, I'm Siana from Enthusiast Publishing house. I am happy that during the Holy Week after Easter and the day after the Holiday of ... »

Maxim Behar: We must quickly adapt to the changes

  An Interview for the Morning Weekend Show of Neda Vasileva on Europe TV   How did communications changed since the beginning of the emergency state and what will change from now on with the Corona crisis? We will talk ... »

Maxim Behar: Be Aware of Fake News During a Pandemic

How to protect ourselves from fake news during a pandemic, Ganela Angelova from Bulgaria on Air TV Channel asks the PR expert Maxim Behar.     Ganela Angelova: Good evening, Mr. Behar! Maxim Behar: Good evening! Be safe and sound, ... »

What Maxim Behar Reads While Being Isolated?

In a time of social isolation, a good book can be a great choice if we want to get distracted, rest, learn something new, and why not use the book to take a trip to distant places. contacted editors, ... »

Maxim Behar : PR Is My Entire Life!

An interview of Maxim Behar for the series "The important thing for you" with Niki Kanchev       Niki Kanchev: Max, Hello!   Maxim Behar: Hi, Nicky!   Niki Kanchev: Recently you published your book "The Global PR Revolution", what will we ... »

Home office is the new business

When we get out of the current crisis, we need to become not only better people but better managers as well. Maxim Behar   So, what happened was hardly expected in the business – from now on we have long ... »

Maxim Behar: When you lose, don’t lose the lessons

COVID - 19 brought Bulgaria close to a pandemic breakout. What is important now is the reaction of every single person, as well as the decisions that business leaders have to make. These and other topics were discussed by PR ... »